the Road Side Pit Stops blog started in 2009, where we wrote reviews on the many little pubs, taverns and dives that we came across during our travels. We travel quite a bit for business purpose but we also get to spend some quality free time with the locals.

Now the Road Side Pit Stop Travel Journal is born from many years of gathering pictures and fun experiences to share. This website is full of our opinions, views, observations and a whole lot of crap we just want to share. The purpose is to have fun, not to take anything too seriously and of course there is beer. We try our best to add pictures and write amazing reviews but as I said there is beer.

As Fe and Mo, we are Social Travel Enthusiast. We love small places that offer something different. I have gathered many pictures, which I hope to put together above; these pictures are with bands, and people and some other people or just whatever is just weird. 

We will provide guides and share accounts of good, bad and crazy fun places to visit around the world. 

I hope you will join the Pit Crew, so we can get to know each other. Join us on our journey as we update the site. Not all information is useful and most likely most of it not useful at all. But enjoy and grab a beer.

What the Beer Ratings means: We have given a rating to each place with the number of beers they receive. Here is what each number of beer means.

5 Beers = Totally recommend this place. A must check it out. Regardless of the type of place it is or what you are there for, you need to see this, enjoy it and experience it at some level. 

4 Beers = Awesome place, great to stop into and experience. Recommend you to go and judge for yourself. Might have a bit of a quirk or fault but nothing to stay away from.

3 Beers = A nice place, has some great qualities. Might have some flaws and some hit and misses. Easy to enjoy this place. Right in the middle an easy 'to-go' place if needed.

2 Beers = This might be a good place to go. It may also be nothing to really talk about. These places might get it right but depends on the day. A two beer might be just that, only good for 2 then scam. 

1 Beer = This place just needs work. It is usable but broken. Serves a purpose but could very well tick you off enough not to bother going back.