Baton Rouge

1 Beers

790 Earl Grey Drive Unit M3

Kanata (Ontario) K2T 1H8

Three of us decide to go here for a nice lunch. Surprise, it is a mess in disguise. The restaurant is beautiful and has all the charm of a 'nice place'.

It was very dark, which I think was to add to the ambiance, but really just made it difficult to read the menu.

A Caesar was delivered to the table and tasted like hair spray, not sure of the ingredients in that one.

Food: Three out of three. the food sucked. We ate it, in hopes it would grow on us. For such a 'nice' place the food had no flavor, there was no WOW until you got the bill.

Drinks: Draught was good, mixed drinks not so much

Cleanliness: Very clean.

Hick meter: None

Attitude: well trained staff and very polite.

Bathroom: Every nice

Bonus: none

Complaints: Very disappointed in the taste of food, was surprised that all of us at the table and there was not one good meal.

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