Did they eat the meat off the road?

We have seen some strange things.

Would you eat meat that you found in a bag in a parking lot? Would you even consider it?

Would you stop and gather up road kill? What exactly would you do with that meat?

We have heard about the bag of meat found in the partking lot, and we have lots of questions.

Who leaves a bag a meat? How do you forget your meat? Why do you even consider keeping a bag of meat you find?

We have seen someone stop on the side of road and pick up a dead turkey. Still we have questions. What exactly will you do with this turkey?

Another turkey gets hit. So you hit a turkey on your way home. Do you pick it up and take it home to BBQ?

On the Bar Fly Podcast - S 1. Episode 1- It's just meat on the road, might as well eat it.

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