Garland City Beer Works Watertown NY

Overall Rating: 5 Beers

Address: 321 Howk St, Watertown New York

Website:​​ No

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: Well we both a few of these above, the Sunday Brunch IPA was very good. For a smooth IPA without any after taste you can sometimes get.

Great place for a beer

What we think: This large industrial building with its high ceilings has much to offer. With the new and old meeting in the middle to give us an awesome place to have a bite and enjoy well crafted beer. Love the variety in the menu of food and beer. Something for everyone. They offer games to play, large tables and unique long bar to cater to your needs.

Great menu

Cleanliness: Very

Attitude Rating: Was busy but a great attitude.

Bathroom Rating: Love the decor

Hickmeter: 2/3

Bonuses: Great menu and variety. Large space

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