Open Net Lounge

2 Beers

10 Romeo Avenue

Massena, NY 13662-2606

A neat spot in town. Many of the locals/regulars, where everyone knows your name, unless it is your first time. It would be quite creepy if they already knew your name at that point. Sports bar with TV's Pool table and great high tables so the people who do not sit up at the bar don't feel like the 'other people'. (Definition unknown, so make it up)

Food: unknown: but we were offered crackers, cheese and pepperoni

Drinks: Bud Light bottle

Cleanliness: yes

Hick meter: totally of both genders, but the nicest

Attitude: homey and very cheery

Bathroom: did not use (not normal for me)

Bonus: free snacks

Complaints: weird shaped bar ( waitress sneezed into the beer fridge!)

Online presence: facebook page

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