Sabad's Restaurant

Overall Rating: 2/5 Beers

Address: 81 W Main St. Norfolk, NY


Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: Food: Was not up to the reputation. This goes to show you that some places are a hit or miss.

What we think: We have been to Sabad's several times, this time we decided to take friends for New Year's Eve. The only time they could get us in was 4pm...we got there and....sat in a cold room off to the side. The ceiling is great to look at, the fireplace was cozy if it actually gave off heat. The chairs were very uncomfortable. Not sure if the menu was different for New Year's or not but we could not find our favorites. The food was 'OK' but not what we had remembered and what we based our decision on to invite friends.

Cleanliness: 4/5

Attitude Rating: 4/5 Friendly

Bathroom Rating: 4/5

Hickmeter: 1/5

Bonuses: Frozen Butt

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