What's The Name of Your Bar?

Since we usually stop in at odd times of the day...

Well actually we come by when there is very little going on. The crowd is low, and most likely full of regulars. This is the best time to grab a beer, check out the pits around and actually listen in on the local gossip.

Well we did just this but we had to dare ourselves to go in. The place looked like a house with a neon bar sign in the window. Right on main street, with double doors and new siding.

The bar was awesome as it was old, wood and hand crafted. Well lit and actually had charm that made you feel at home. We sat and admired the atmosphere and the 'old school' quality of this pub/bar.

The elderly gentleman behind the bar served us and then carried on his conversation with one of the locals.

But we had to ask...

'What is the name of the bar?"

There was no sign but the beer/bar sign in the window, that gave way that there could me, might be, alcohol for sale inside.

As the two men looked at us, each answered differently at the same time. One answered "Joe's" and one answered, "Frank's"

Apparently it was: Joe's Bar and Grill 56 W Main St. Norfolk, NY 13667

Now it is anyone's guess....

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